Print Design 02.

Q Studio Gift Certificate.

Gift Card Package Design for Q Studio, a Toronto based Photography Studio.

Alignment constructed a elegant custom package design to mount there Gift Card.

HCI Fundraiser Poster.

Alignment created a minimal and functional Poster for Human Concern International.

Human Concern International is a non profit orginazation dedicated to raising funds and other basic human necissities, for Crisis Victims around the World.

The Print Igloo Brochure.

The Print Igloo approaached Alignment to construct a brochure for there upcoming promotions.

Alignment developed a clean cut fold out poster brocure that would display there promotionas and sample images in an effective manner.

Sour D Cover Package Design

Sour D contacted alignment to design his mixtape Cover Package.

Alignment designed a minimal design structer and higlighted the design with a splash of colour.

Specimen Preview.

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