Print Design.

Helvetica Brochure.

Map fold Brochure for Sans-Serif typeface Helvetica Neue.

Utilizing a minimal design style and sticking to a strick grid layout, Alignment created this brochure as a tribute to the Helvetica Typeface Collection.

Colossal Diamonds Business Cards.

Colossal Diamonds approchad us to create an Eligant and Rich in Quality set of Business Cards for there new Diamond Collection.

We decided to go with a 12pt Matt Black card stock with metallic silver ink as the process.

Crown Diamond Identity.

Crown Diamond wanted a clean looking identity package for there Diamond Jewellry Business.

Alignment constructed a minimal logo design, then transalted that design into a theme that would create a unique design, throught Crown Diamonds business colletaral.

Hakim Wealth Management.

Business cards and flyer design for Hakim Wealth Management.

Alignment constructed a gridsystem that would flow thru the Business Cards and the Flyer Design, Maintaining an overall theme and consistency.

Specimen Preview.

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